Switch that cms.

Companies wish to refresh their CMS implementations from time to time, that is natural and that is the evolution of the Internet, disguised as a revolutionary organisational change. Some companies who have not followed the product versions they are on, due to varios not fully understood reasons, face a big hurdle when they try to […]

Is google+ trying to replace Facebook/twitter?

What is Google+ for? are we just seeing another social network? Is this well designed interface aims to be the next Facebook? My take on it is that it might do that, it might replace our social networks, but it’s not aiming to do so. The evidence i find to back this up are spread […]

The first 24h with Galaxy S II/2

This is a report of my first 24hrs with the Samsung Galaxy S2. i have moved to it from the iPhone 4 yesterday. My first impression from its build quality was that it is a sturdy phone and a nice hardware to hold, yes apple fans nicer to hold then the iPhone 4. It does […]

OpenText Website Management (reddot) social communities howto

My first howto in the OpenText world, after almost 4 years in the asylum. nice. Social communities on the Website Management offers a great assortment of features that is enabling you to support User Generated content. But the standard feature dont show you how you can integrate a comment section under your articles. That is […]