Netgear Nighthawk R7000 Review

I was investigating lately my slow Time Machine backups which were having an ill effect on my life. this drove me to look at NAS solutions as a replacement to old faithful 2008 Macbook. But i was a bit more through to verify my real pain point as the specs on most NAS are around the same […]

I Fixed my iPad

About a month ago my son managed to reach the limits of elasticity as far as the digitizer was concerned. it smashed into so many little pieces that i was glad we had the screen protector, it held them in place and left the iPad operational. So i decided to fix the iPad on my […]

The telegraph lesson – will internet be controlled by AT&T?

The way Tim Wu is presenting the internet’s future is quite daunting, an internet that is no longer open and free for all but controlled by commercial entities like Google, AT&T or even Steve Jobs. This a truly grim picture of our future. His book The Master Switch starts with a description of the “Miracle” […]

GoogleMe vs Facebook, let the identity management fight begin.

Rumor or not, google is going to fight the social network market. its not an obvious reason of why they are doing it for the third time. The value of the social networks is only starting to emerge in Facebook and that is also debatable over what is the next phase there. it seems the fight here is not […]