is social media killing the blogs??

Yes its true, people are now posting twitts, updates and plusdates instead of blogs. There are many benefits for that, to name a few will be the direct association to your profile and the exposure to your followers. 2 years back you would put your pot up in your blog and link from all the […]

Requiem to comments

We all like reading posts on blogs, news sites and media. we like to see videos and pictures. some of us like to comment on them too. but those comments are not social, they are local and isolated. who saw this in his twitter feed? i commented on _____ blog post http://bit.ly____ This is a […]

Twitter is down – very very very down it seems

As my son will put it it is very very very very sad, seeing this great service suffering from this problem. and sadder to see all the services around it fearing their livelihood. Hope it gets back up quick this time as it is not a welcomed crash. The reason is unclear at the moment […]

What we have here is a failure to communicate. #Enterprise2 growing hiccups

A new problem arrised while working with a new group over the same issues, departmental security enforcement filter the success of Enterprise 2.0 communication tools