is social media killing the blogs??

Yes its true, people are now posting twitts, updates and plusdates instead of blogs. There are many benefits for that, to name a few will be the direct association to your profile and the exposure to your followers. 2 years back you would put your pot up in your blog and link from all the […]

Is google+ trying to replace Facebook/twitter?

What is Google+ for? are we just seeing another social network? Is this well designed interface aims to be the next Facebook? My take on it is that it might do that, it might replace our social networks, but it’s not aiming to do so. The evidence i find to back this up are spread […]

Enterprise 2.0 and Digital Curation

Large organisation adopting social mediums, who thrive while sharing before the social tools, tend to become avid representatives of the Enterprise 2.0 and social workplace, those companies usually harvest value out of the social workplace and introduction of a digital means to extend their natural work process. One of the best example is Deloitte and […]

Social Tools adoption in Enterprise 2.0

In response to Step Two Designs blog post by James Robertson. After replying to the post as follows i have a few additions to the culture change and the tools. James i completely agree with you on the subject, as Marcella stated “Tools are tools” and that is what they are designed to do, Server […]