The first 24h with Galaxy S II/2

This is a report of my first 24hrs with the Samsung Galaxy S2. i have moved to it from the iPhone 4 yesterday. My first impression from its build quality was that it is a sturdy phone and a nice hardware to hold, yes apple fans nicer to hold then the iPhone 4. It does […]

I Fixed my iPad

About a month ago my son managed to reach the limits of elasticity as far as the digitizer was concerned. it smashed into so many little pieces that i was glad we had the screen protector, it held them in place and left the iPad operational. So i decided to fix the iPad on my […]

What your brand needs #startup

You need a sweet after taste. Thats it, i am done. But wait this is not twitter here man. give us some more you say. Let me tell you a story about a store named Five Senses Coffee, they got some loud noises from a displeased customer over the twitter space lately, but they have […]

#Ommwriter it really is useull

Working on the Omm Writer, is it that productive? it seems to disable all of the interface and allow you to look only at the written word. At first i did not believe how this could influence my work. But this trial got me to believe that my work can improve! Seen the words hand […]