Hype By Tumult Review

Just encountered the Hype HTML5 generator and looked a bit under the hood. I am not interested in a review of the UI nor in a comparison to the Flash capabilities. This is a review of the softwares output, the HTML5 or lack of it and the SEO and Templating issues i am observing. I […]

Product Management and release cycles

I am a bit shocked from release processes in the last few weeks and cannot hold back the feeling. I am a supporter of release fast release often but there is a bit of a stretch named “Within Reason”, if your application size is 30Mb and you release every 3 days the commitment is, how […]

The ICQ lesson

The other day I went, uninvited, to the hive in Sydney, again thank you Michel Williams (@mia_will) it was great! Thanks again Michel. I was talking to some of the guys and we started discussing business plans. It was amazing how we were all in under the same opinion that there are too many startups […]

enterprise focused startups?

I find myself gazing at the headline above and thinking, man this is impossible! Why would i have such a thought? i am suppose to be positive! bright future! look at the full glass! but alas, i giggle at the thought. its not that i think this space is not potentially loaded. its just that enterprises way of carrying business […]