OpenText Website Management (reddot) social communities howto

My first howto in the OpenText world, after almost 4 years in the asylum. nice. Social communities on the Website Management offers a great assortment of features that is enabling you to support User Generated content. But the standard feature dont show you how you can integrate a comment section under your articles. That is […]

Enterprise 2.0 and Digital Curation

Large organisation adopting social mediums, who thrive while sharing before the social tools, tend to become avid representatives of the Enterprise 2.0 and social workplace, those companies usually harvest value out of the social workplace and introduction of a digital means to extend their natural work process. One of the best example is Deloitte and […]

Great Intranets

After a day in ibf24 from ibf I was chugging along until Jonathan Phillips contacted me through Twitter. we had a nice discussion about the implementation of intranets, is the budget the main factor in determining if the project will be a success or are there more factors. My take was that it is not […]

Enterprise collaboration

When Enterprises are faced with the need to maintain knowledge the jolt action is to call the Knowledge Manager, get some practices in place and buy some expensive Collaboration environment with all the bells and whistles and send emails to all employees with incentives to put information on it, usually some form of a long term competition. […]