is social media killing the blogs??

Yes its true, people are now posting twitts, updates and plusdates instead of blogs.
There are many benefits for that, to name a few will be the direct association to your profile and the exposure to your followers.
2 years back you would put your pot up in your blog and link from all the social networks to it.
Then came Facebook and added the message you are leaving Facebook when clicking on this link. making you feel all sceptic over the action whilst at the same time boasting that Facebook is a safe place (duloc is a perfect place!!)

Now that is just silly since Facebook is sure not perfect and certainly not safe.
In cam Twitter with the link shortening and again suggested they are great at making it a safer place to be in.
Making you want to stay there longer.
And that is what it is all about. the perception of safety is what leads us as we hear of people infected with nasty viruses. people wish to avoid pain (pleasure principle, Freud) and the comfort and safety they feel inside the networks is what leads them to believe it is OK and that their kids can roam there with no issues.
Is this true? i highly doubt it but TV is not safe either and its all just a small reflection of reality.
But why this started affecting the blogs?
I am not sure, might be that time diminished when we started interacting with the social networks, might be that it’s becoming too easy to use tools like tumbler to just shoot the small segments of content up the cloud and it requires no hosting/payment/maintenance/backup/plugins/themes reducing complexity and creativity.
I am not sure. but i can clearly see that people around me are less posting in blogs they own. hey even me… 🙂
What do you think?

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