The first 24h with Galaxy S II/2

This is a report of my first 24hrs with the Samsung Galaxy S2. i have moved to it from the iPhone 4 yesterday.
My first impression from its build quality was that it is a sturdy phone and a nice hardware to hold, yes apple fans nicer to hold then the iPhone 4.
It does not feel like a huge phone and you dont feel the difference until you put the phone next to the iphone.
It’s screen is nicer and brighter.
The software is less intuitive, and this is the biggest complaint i have about android OS, you have 2 panels to hold your applications and they are both kinda confusing, there is no task management that is so intuitive as the iOS double button.
i can go on but i feel its useless and was done so many times.
The phone is crisp and quick as should be expected. screen rotation and software rendering is quick and nice and it all works great.
Things that are big issues to me are the Wireless and the Bluetooth.
Wireless is just a joke. i have 3-4 bars sitting on the router, a room next i get 1-2 and less then 10m its out of reception. iphone/ipad/laptop go to the other side of the house or about 15m away no problem. sorry but this does not count as wireless. oh and i am not the only one complaining about it, got a few more in the brotherhood.
Bluetooth is also an issue, i connect it to the TRX speaker system at home and it just stops working after 5-10 minutes but does not disconnect. The issue is that it wont go out of the connection and keep playing on the internal speaker, it thinks it is connected and you need to disconnect and then reconnect. only if you leave the bluetooth zone you get the phone to disconnect and resume play on the internal speaker.
I hope that samsung will be able to change some software to solve the wireless issues or else this phone success will be trumped quickly.
As for the move from iOS to Android. i will give it a few more days and put my thoughts on this blog.

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  1. I was using iphone for 3 years. Just because i got it from my office. Having said its been a week i got samsung galaxy Skyrocket. Its very nice. Only battery is not good i feel. But, Android rocks. Try “wifi analyzer” from android market and see the wifi stuff. Many apps you get free in android like ‘What’s app’ is $ in iphone. Apps like “google docs”, “groove ip” having multiple workspace to customize classic look. I can explain whole day about android and samsung combined.

    If you have more money and you never worked in linux distribution ‘samsung galaxy’ is not the right mobile. Go for iphone.

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