Is google+ trying to replace Facebook/twitter?

What is Google+ for? are we just seeing another social network?
Is this well designed interface aims to be the next Facebook?
My take on it is that it might do that, it might replace our social networks, but it’s not aiming to do so.
The evidence i find to back this up are spread everywhere.
From the navigation bar at the top where there is a list of all the applications you are registered to use and through the rest of the user management.
It seems google is taking the project as it took buzz and wave. it’s an extension of your google set of tools.
Google is not introducing the business clients of theirs to Google+ is a bit of a giveaway on the long-term plan, businesses have been always introduced to the products in a much later stage. Google Doc’s was not a business product prior to it been exposed to the public.
The need to have a real name and not a business entity also point to the fact that businesses will need to pay to get in and they will get a very good package i assume for that price.
I don’t totally agree with Matthew Ingram’s point of view oh having hurt the google plus for business, since business will come where the users are the damage is less than minimal.
So what is this google + good for.
Everyone saw this movie about the circles

It makes a lot of sense to have this Circle level of separation but that is not what G+ is good for. (yes G+ is the best shortcut we have)
The functionality i see is going to be huge in so many places.
Lets take a scenario, in Australia there are home tutored kids who live in remote areas and do not have the privilege of school. well now they can go to school and be in class and participate and learn how to communicate with others using the hangout. they have to answer questions in front of other kids and be capable of attending the class.
This is just one scenario that is capable of encompassing huge space of remote education.
Another scenario is a workplace scenario, this is where you have circles for groups or divisions that you get assigned to. you can hangout with the group to have meetings or just as a development team spread around the globe. you get announcements from the circles that you are associated to. and your documents are based on the ones available to the circles you are associated to.
You can still have your own circles and friends from outside work.
Startups can harness this and even start spreading across the globe due to the fact that they can all sit in the same room and work together, having a circle replace their email correspondence and google docs replace their document sharing software. they can have their source and bugs in clouds but these are not related to google yet.
another scenario is the family across the country/globe that has its holidays and weekly chats done in a hangout and share photos and documents through the circle. also they can announce things out to the family without the fear of leaking to other people’s stream.

I see a lot of value in the G+ personal, business and communication wise. for me its been twitter on steroids and i cant wait until news agencies will start pushing news through the streams.

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