TripAdvisor gets sued but could be saved by Facebook

As i mentioned in my previous post there is a vacuum out there, the vacuum is getting sites in trouble and will have to be solved soon.

The latest news about a class action against TripAdvisor just strengthen the sense of that void. since the hotel owners are suspicious over the legitimacy of the reviews they get, especially the vicious ones, they are left to speculate about the reviewers authenticity and if the person behind the user has ever stayed in their premise.

Its true that if a person is going to be pointed out to a bad review he will not make the same review, but there could be mechanisms to allow for him to be anonymus while digitally authenticating its existence.

In a perfect world, of course, anonymous reviews like those on TripAdvisor are honest and true and insightful.

Combine this anonymity with the value of a review, if you are anonymus your less valued then if you are not,  with the knowledge that the person is real and you got a better grasp of the reviewed venu.

The problem is that we still dont have any organization/company to enable this identification, yes you can hook the Facebook API and get some half breed. But Facebook or any other organization do not state that every login has a real person behind it, this is the missing link.

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