enterprise focused startups?

I find myself gazing at the headline above and thinking, man this is impossible!

Why would i have such a thought? i am suppose to be positive! bright future! look at the full glass! but alas, i giggle at the thought. its not that i think this space is not potentially loaded. its just that enterprises way of carrying business will probably kill any cash starving startup, signing a contract and paying isnt always the top priority and they know it. Enterprise conglomerates use big companies because they know they wont be able to do business with a startup unless it is a small running business with some cashflow.

The cases i hear about tend to be in the Social space where its all experimental and there are only now some companies that are marching in with social offerings. look at the collaboration space and the story of Atlassian. it took them quite a long time to make the big jump to the real enterprise size companies.

But i see it more as a david and goliath story where they need to work together, not rock each other to death, and david’s agility gives a great value to the goliath needs. its just a matter of trust, will goliath ever trust david to survive the starvation and the hardships of the way? if you can only make goliath believe in you…

Even Larry Dignan is under the impression that the startups for enterprises are not the best bet from the IT personal in the enterprise

But a lot of the stuff you’ve seen this week either has little enterprise use, is too raw or would get you fired if you seriously pitched buying anything from said startup.

Any thought on how to become the next Yammer?

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