Google Android OS is fighting the wrong battle

Reading through the recent posts of the new HTC dream users who left the phone in the drawer and gone back to iPhone i hear a very interesting underline.

Android is not iPhone OS, its Symbian OS or Windows Mobile OS! its not going to be a single phone branded with Google android and its hoping to be spread as the smartphone OS.

It might succeed in that aspiration though i highly doubt it due to the success of the iPhone and the competition that apple are giving.

But i think there is something wrong with the paradigm of Android OS, its inconstant and thus not a reliable branding. People already have problems with it been Google big brother related, and yes Apple are not better but its not part of the brand Apple so they can do things Google cant, its getting some bad reputation from been abused by implementation based issues.

Apple hold the Hardware and OS in their hands and it was a mediocre success in the PC/Laptop arena, but the Smart Phone arena is different, the paradigm is well adapted to the market and supplies great value and better experience then any other Smart Phone. All you need to do is ask some one with BlackBerry what phone do they want.

Google in my oppinion needs to take this into their heart and stop spreading the OS as the basis for abuse by manufacturers like HTC, Motorola and others. Android should be seperate to the OS and should become a brand making Google a worthy adversary to Apple.

But that is not going to happen, Google are in the 1990 thinking of ruling the world like Symbian did, this is going to make the battle a bit skewed and help Apple sell the next version of iPhone like hot potato’s.

So i call the Google bots to think about making the change in paradigm and start tightening the belt on manufactures or even starting to make the phone on their own, i will get one of those if it can hold more then 6 apps, for now i wait for June to get the new iPhone.

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