Why #CMS Modules are not Enterprise worthy

I just encountered elcom CMS proposition, flipping through the pages of the products i realized the truth of the proposition.
The product is bought as a base infrastructure with Base modules and then you can add new modules on top.
This is a very small business oriented approach to my taste and understanding.
When we approach an enterprise with a “Social Package” or with Blogs/Wiki/Comments modules that you can add to the base offer we will get a bitter response to the latter, the people in the organization don’t like to play Lego. they just don’t care if the tags is different module to the wiki’s or not, TCO is what they care about and the CAPEX encuring the purchase to be justified with the ROI.
So packing modules into integrations, seamlessly integrate able product lines will generate much better traction then modulizing offerings with a base install.
The thought line behind modulization is clear, installing a new module will be simple. but the simplicity is good for mediume and small businesses and not a large scale IT infrastructure where the stability and scalability play a bigger part of the decision making.
So my take on the offering from elcom is that its aimed to the medium size clients making them feel big enterprises as they are installing ECM and not some Joomla/Drupal open source thingy.
Looking into the offered modules and i noticed that the bread and butter of an enterprise are in the additional modules sections, SSO and Staging of content are the air you breath in an organization with more then one layer of content creator and multiple business units handling content in the environment.
This leads me to believe that the product is not aimed at enterprise after all is it.
So these days businesses use the Enterprise keyword as a marketing spin to make the purchaser look good in-front of the board of directors and to explain high costs, noice.
Coming back to the Modules vs Product theory, in the field of large organizations a module can be used only by a small segment of the business and be neglected in the purchase as to the additional cost, thus may be preventing a better business process. or it could be a hidden feature on the platform that gets used most often and add the best value.
Business in the sizes we are speaking of will shell the extra dollars for a full package so the offering of modularization does not appeal to it.
As oppose to the medium business who has a small IT team that is very well familiar with all the organization and has the ability to chase every requirement and be aware of it, in this case modularization is a great optimization solution to save on the IT cost of a CMS.

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