What your brand needs #startup

You need a sweet after taste.
Thats it, i am done.
But wait this is not twitter here man. give us some more you say.
Let me tell you a story about a store named Five Senses Coffee, they got some loud noises from a displeased customer over the twitter space lately, but they have opted the game.
My Guatemalan coffee beans stock dwindled and I needed a fresh batch. so i ordered the beans somewhere pre noon on a thursday and went along with my day.
The next morning to my surprise a courier with the bag buzzed the door, it was 8:15 am.
This surprise was so welcomed and left a great after taste over the purchase.
This is a great lesson to every business and especially a startup, if you can leap over the competition and give your customers some nice after taste when they expect the normal business routine do it! you will get much more customers at this point.
The competition of the coffee bean market is huge but making me rave about it without paying me is what you want.
To a web startup you need a product that will make your clients think “How nice and easy was that?” make them go the extra mile and rave about you.
They need to think what a great service.
I have just seen how its not done. when i was in the market for an online backup i was testing Carbonite to see how good are they and also used iDrive.
When i had issues with the speed with Carbonite i turned to the Customer support with a question as of why it is happening. to my surprise the tech response was so out of focus and blaming, it gave me a feeling of “why the hell did i bother?” and “better pack your bags and go!”,
But Carbonite CEO has his email in contact us page so i decided to give it a go and sent him an email with the trail of the email, surprise surprise, i got a better rep.
But all they did was to give me extra time to try.
Man that bitter taste is still lingering. will i recommend Carbonite?
So what can we do when the product sucks and we have users who are complaining? how do we make them feel good and leave with sweet after taste?
This is your golden question, just don’t ignore these users and don’t over compensate them, let them feel the sweet after taste of a good deal.


  1. I think more and more businesses are putting more money and effort into achieving this “sweet aftertaste” you speak of. Especially with the rise of social media these days. =)

  2. The issue is not the money being poured in but how does this money translate into the correct action.
    The best way you can ensure that the user feels like he got what he wanted is probably ensuring his expectations are in the same level if not lower then what he gets.
    Customer Journey Canvas is a great visual tool to try and make sure you look at the whole process and put the right amount of effort keeping the expectations in that sweet spot level. look at it here

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