Enterprise Opportunity

Software vendors to the enterprise spectrum of companies seem huge and daunting, and they are, unfortunately for them it means they are too big to wish to notice smaller tasks or out of the core product expansions.
The way product vendors work is in high scale mode filtering the noise to get the important stuff, and they are correct about working this way, there are too many people involved in projects to be able to notice every single complaint and request.
But this filtering also opens the market to the smaller players,
Imaging a little kid eating a cracker, the main bites go in but there are lots of crums left over. our Enterprise software vendor is probably more efficiant but there are still opportunities.
The opportunities can be vast and have many shapes and forms but they are there.
Some of the opportunities i am expose to are in the partnership and expertise areas.

  1. Complete solutions.
  2. Supplement software.
  3. Bridging Gaps between solutions.
  4. Supplementary products and solutions.

These have been the gaps always you are probably saying.
You are right, but these days the vendors had to cut most of their people to keep afloat at the recession.
Usually the first to go are the people interacting with clients since no clients paid their salary they became a liability.
The clients had their own issues and have released their people, thus in greater need for solutions or services.
The outcome from these actions is an increase in these gaps and many opportunities are not addressed due to the understaffing .

But you don’t want to be another “Partner” or a service provider do you?
If you do then go and do that and stop wasting your time, you need to make the most of now since partners always stuff up and get the boot.
If you don, you need to identify the opportunity in creating supplementary products or services.
There are 4 scenarios to these gaps.

  1. The vendor is missing completely the market needs and is there only because he was there or he is the safest bet (no one got fires for buying IBM).
  2. The vendors product is ok but there are a lot of features and twaking to do to get it working.
  3. The vendor product is great but there are some features and integration points missing.
  4. The vendor product is perfect. there is side business to be made.

The Vendor is missing the market needs completely, this one is simple, make a product that is better in the market vertical you found the problem in and make it hard for other partners to penetrate.
The vendors product is OK, look at how you can create installation processes, visual configuration aids, addons and plugins that make the product complete, try to start within a vertical.
The vendors product is great or perfect leaves you less to deal with the product and more to enhance it, create enhancements or complimentary products like tracking and recommendations.

There are a few more unexplored solutions like hosting of major Enterprise products and reselling them as a hosted service, WCM market will be a good starting point.

In my mind there are so many points where you can become a player in the Enterprise market and be successful because you are small and very hungry.
The barriers of entry have been dropped due to the wish to lower the cost of external resources and current project, this is the best time to act.

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