a few good thoughts about the #iPad

I have joined the crowd and bashed the iPad on my twitter, i guess i had to let off the steam for the silence in the MacBook Pro front.
I was waiting for a new release to get me one but i guess i will get it later if at all.
Back to the iPad.
The iPad is funny, at first look it resembles a big iPod touch with some 3G voodoo.
Its a bit fragile looking were my initial thoughts, this will be only tested through time but i am sure to get, if they ever manufacture, the incase rubber back ontop the carrying case.
Just incase it decides to jump out of my hands.

The ipad in my opinion has great opportunity for a few people.
Its simple enough to get my grandma on a computer and use facebook.
Its robust enough to enable a friend roaming the country to control his server farm through logMeIn.
its good enough to entertain my boy for hours.
its screen is god enough to read an ebook or the news, not for hours though.

In summery it seems that iPad is good enough to do most of the tasks, in a good price point.
The pricing at first seems to be aiming at the kindle, but i think it is not. its priced to hit the netbook and atom machines.

I do fail to see people watching videos with iPad on the train in rush hour. the ips is great for sharing with friends but not with your cellmates on the train, nor that the size helps to stand holding it in one hand while been pushed.
But home/park/coffee/flight/sitting in the office that is where it will rule.

The other market which will be the greatest is the iPod users looking at shelling 150$ more to get the bigger screened iPod.

Multitasking is a big issue and my guess is that it will deter youngsters from moving away fro iphone as it only disconnects them from their friends.
So its not going to be a y-gen success in my opinion.
Some thing about not having multitasking makes me ponder about the HP slate, how will it affect the market amongst the y-gens and tech savvy people.

Will i get one? i dont think so, i got the kindle iPhone app to read books and i use it allot, my needs are for a much stronger processing warehouse that will be capable running my experiments.

Steve will you give me the i7 MBP please? as much as i like the iPad i have no use for it at the moment.


  1. oliverw says:

    I reckon we’ll need to wait until March for the MBP refresh…

  2. Thanks for commenting.
    March will be good time. but i am thinking of not going mac since by then technology will advance and the i7 will get a refreshed version.
    Time will tell.
    Any news on HP slate?

  3. I have a long history of using tablets, so I don’t need to be convinced about the utility they provide in a mobile setting. I was able to make a decent living for years as a consultant with a tablet in my hands for note-taking and other tasks. The iPad challenges that history, however, as it is a pure slate with no keyboard other than an onscreen keyboard. This becomes the biggest factor to consider when trying to decide if a tablet like the iPad can meet the user’s needs. My reflections of this recent trip convince me the keyboard would not have been a that big a factor.

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