The saga continues with the labor government #nocleanfeed #openinternet

Looking at the news it seems that all parts of the Australian society are crying against this proposal to make Australia the first modern country in the world who stepped back from democracy.
The proposal has been so tightly coupled to child abuse that when earlier tonight an article from computer world citing Child protection group Save the children claiming this effort is futile and money is better off some where it will make a difference blew the whole argument out of the window.

One of the best arguments is one that technology people raise allot

The filter could lull parents into a false sense of security, thinking that it is working, but we know hackers are always ahead of those filtering technologies

but coming from a non tech sector makes you believe that other people are aware of this Australian mockery and the joke we have become as a nation.

It saddens me to see that the news reports are short and futile in engaging the members of the parliament in explaining why this is even supported, if it is at all.

If you are interested in a more simpelton explenation of the initiative look here at whirlpool

Ways you can act immidiattly
Rob Manson has his old HTML page updated, you can twit and send an email to the minister.

Sign up for the GetUp campaign and register

Educate the peope around you who are not tech savvy

Help @Lozz to create his education campaign.

Contact your representatives , you want to know who they are? go to and find out who they are (Thanks to Adam).

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