#Ommwriter it really is useull

Yosemite scene Working on the Omm Writer, is it that productive? it seems to disable all of the interface and allow you to look only at the written word.
At first i did not believe how this could influence my work.
But this trial got me to believe that my work can improve!
Seen the words hand from the emptiness on a screen lets you concentrate on the words.
The twitch sound while you type makes you want to type faster. and the ability to remove words with no punishments using the backspace really makes the process, well, joyfull.
I am experiancing sensation of happiness and joy. some thing not related to writing usually.
The interface is easy to use and simple.
Saving the file as text gives it vast availability.
May be i should try writing code here.

string yuval=”happy”;

This is a thought. why not make our development environment like this… why not actually?

So our bosses wont be chasing us with questions over our actions on the screen? no they will learn to understand and will be avid users after they try it.
Happy did i mention? in a calm way…

Try OmmWriter, its free.
p.s. Dont change the typing sound to No. 2. just because yuva.equals(“happy”) = false.

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