What we have here is a failure to communicate. #Enterprise2 growing hiccups

Imagine you are a CEO of a medium company, or you might even be one, and you have chosen your Enterprise 2.0 platform, implemented it and trained every employee in the company to use it.

So you have your Wikies and Forums set up.

All of your groups have access and manage their content in the sysem.

You see usage growing in the company.

“All is good”, you think to yourself, i can tell the board we have succeeded and that benefits will be seen in the immediate future.

But nothing happens.
You start to question the reasons, but all you see is a good usage rate and lots of content.
What is wrong?

From my experiance in the last few months i have a few reasons.
First and foremost is that the initial flame is gone, your employees are not eager to play since the interest in the content has fallen and the content that was there is not as updated any more.
The second is that this is a business that has ranks not an open source project where you have respect, not everything is documented.
But these are all obvious things we all know about, whats your new pain-point Yuval?
I was just exposed to a problem in the way the content is managed, i have a client where he has 2 IT departments under different titles. they both use the same software for their Enterprise 2.0 solutions but they are separated by a security border and thus oblivious to the content of the other group.
They have no way of using the content that the other group have written even if it is most relevant.
Both of the groups use our software and use the same infrastructure, so they encounter the same problems and could use each other solutions.
But they have no exposure to that so they need to go and ask people, that have done the same 6-12 months ago, if they have seen this or that behavior.
Guess what, no one can remember so they either search the wiki for you or say they didn’t encounter it.

This is a major hidden problem especially with things that are cross deparmental.
But when is it safe to share and when is it not? i guess we are missing some sort of a rule of thumb here.
My guess is that more then 80% of the information is safe, very safe to go across departments to the whole company.
But who makes the decision? who is the person in charge?
The contributor is not capable of making the decision himself some times and needs to consult, who governs this?
I have seen a few debates going sour, and was introduced to this article onhow blogs solve the inter departmental communication gap but that is a singular solution to a problem in multiple communication channels.

Let the discussion begin!
P.S. if we get a good solution i am going to push it to the client as a pilot.

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