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as the announcement of the S-4 are here and the shareholders meeting is to be on the 21’st of July 2009, the future of Vignette seems brighter and brighter.
To all the sceptics out there, V8 is coming out soon and the way it looks and built i will be so happy to implement it. Who wants to be my first customer? Sign up in the comments section.
The latest Fatwire advertisement that we are shaky providores and the best bet is to go and use fatwire, promoting its free licenses if you do the move with them, is like a Venus fly trap, the lure is great but wait till you get inside as my friend Jons post a-fatwire-in-shining-armour discovers, you will soon realise that there are 3rd party connections to tie you down and the fatman’s way might not be as safe and free as it is publicly stated.
On another note, customers thinking their legacy fatwire system is not up for the job i have enough experience to put you out of your misery. I have done that twice already and willing to do that again, now that is chivalry.
Oh and you only need VPS team no other dodgy 3rd party to do the trick.
For the question imposed by fatwire in their ad,

Are you with a vendor that can provide the right path forward for your business?

i will say this: No vendor can predict the unknown future, but i am sure as the sun rises in the east that the products in the market are not going to any dustbin soon, Binaricly speaking the answer is YES from all of my clients.

Moving to FatWire in more technical details, my take is that customers considering a Fatwire Solution could find it limited in capabilities, the WCM capabilities and volume/delivery abilities lack, to say the least, when compared to the vignette solutions.

And looking at the available solutions you will notice that FatWire have no suite of products to match every product or most of the products that Vignette offer and most of the customer have implemented.

As for switching the CMS in your organisation to a different vendor, it is not as switching your internet provider and only changing the ADSL connection details getting the same result immediately, it takes time to choose the matching product to the requirements (look at my previous post), building the web presence (usually customers take advantage of the investment and redesign their Ux and branding incurring more cost), getting the Business users up to speed with the new content management system and so on and so forth.
Its not that this is not achievable but it will cost you more then the licensing fee. i will say as a rule of thumb about twice all in all correct me if i am wrong.

Now back to the S-4, i am anxious to be at the 22’nd of July and to know how the merger is going to go ahead, it seems that exiting times are just around the corner and we are about to embark on a marvels journey when it comes to the new product line and the new products we will get exposed to from the OpenText side.
I am an ex sharepoint .Net Architect and will love to work on both sides of the technological trench again.
For those who are sceptic in my predictions there is a great interview audio with the CEO of OpenText, John Shackleton

To those who are curious what an S-4 stands for, this is a form that public companies have to file to give the facts around a Merger for the share holders.

Every one out there who wants to hear more about V8 listen closely tomorrow to the vignette wire!

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