Startup Checklist

So you want to start a business? Heres a checklist of things I would do before paying a dollar to any one to develope my software.

  • Focus Dude! (Crush, Finding Nemo) Narrow your vertical to the smallest segment you can, You need to think small at the bgining and aim big. Feature creep is a killer at an early stage and companies often try to do too much. Your end product, if it comes to market, will be so much smaller than you imagine.
  • Zoom inOutline 2-3 things you things to focus on within your chosen niche. The list will probably narrow down to one idea, remember that feedback is going to make you Alter/Mend your idea.
  • Shop Around Find 5 example companies that do at least some aspects of what your company should do and explore them extensivel. try using their services in a trial mode or even paid mode and keep a list of features and group all their features into
    • Features they do well
    • Features I can do better/different
    • Features you can collaborate on
    • Features you got inspired to do that are not in their spec

    Rank the items you found by importance, use more then high rank at least once,

  • Use your imagination take the list look at the most important features and imagine what ties this all together in one product/site/company.
    Do you see more then one product? excelent! find a way to create a suplimentry product.
    Choose the minimum ammount of featurs you can define as a product.
    What features can be a suplementry service?
    Play around and have some fun.
  • Put your thinking to the test communicate your ideas to people in the industry, preferably the leaders of the industry, mention the smallest versions of your idea and get feedback. After their feedback, go through this whole process over again.
    You could try Blog/Forums and solicit the known products to get some more feedback.
  • Build the plan you have validated the product and know how to build it. just a small thing to do before that is to get the business side of things sorted out. build a plan that handles branding/marketing, timing, financials. make some thing that will cover the fundomentals.
  • Build ItOnly now you are ready to talk to a contract developer. may be find a person who is looking to join the adventure? but someone you can trust to make the job and in a timly manner based on your business plan.

So good luck to all of you who are about to build their startup. i hope you will succeed.

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