My First HTML 5 page

I have started mocking around with the new HTML 5 tags and behaviors.
The sample is available here.
It is based on the sample from Laurent i just did some changes and added the video to one of the boxes.
Things that are nice to know is the dragOver(ev) function and the way it controls the boxes ability to be dropped.

function dragOver(ev) { var idelt = ev.dataTransfer.getData("Text"); var id ='id'); //Allows the boxes to be dropped at any if( (id =='box2' || id =='box1') && (idelt == 'drag' || idelt=='drag2')) return false; //deny the purple video box to move to the center box else if(( id =='box3' && idelt == 'drag3') || ( id =='box1' && idelt == 'drag3')) return false; else return true; }
To get the example to work you need firefox 3.5 because of the video format as OGG.
Some people predict that the HTML 5 will replace entirely the Flash/SilverLight, and i read some people trying to analyze the statement.
So i will add my 2 cents to the pile.
The HTML 5 will not be a full replacement to the Flash/SilverLight solutions from a couple of reasons that are not obvious.
1. its not capable enough to fully replace the replace the Flash/SilverLight in all scenarios and will probably be replacement in some due to its simplicity.
2. The code is exposed and thus pose an IP threat to the code making the websites capability exposed to copycats.
there are some obvious ones that are been put in this post by Paul Krill
So what will be in the future of HTML? my guess is that it will not replace the Flash/SilverLight but mearly change the landscape making it easier to present rich content without Flash/SilverLight but wont take their place as application frameworks for more complex solutions.
The implementation is nice but a bit lacking for my taste may be with HTML 6 or 7 we might see the better result aimed for this one.

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