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I just read the CMSWire report on the reasons behind the purchase and realized that some thing is missing.

The main reason in my opinion is that the price was more then right. it was the best price they will ever get because the credit crisis is just about over and the financial sector was waking up.
The financial sector is a big Vignette sector as we all know and when the giant awakens lots of delayed project resume lots of planned purchases return to scope and Vignette will probably be a part of that waking up.

I think that Open Text who are more then familiar with Vignette got to the point where they knew that and acted upon that.

I believe that the market is a bit wrong with lowering the share price of Open Text and very right to buy in to vignette regardless of the acquisition.

As for the shopping spree of Open Text, it probably just contributed to the rapidness of the acquisition.

On CMSWatch Alan Pelz-Sharpe thinks very differently of the future of the deal

All you can really do is to slash costs where possible, leave the technology pieces alone as much as possible, and milk the product and customer base as cash cows.

I think that in this type of market acting like that will get you very quickly out of the door.
CMS technology tease days is interchangeable and especially when you have a tool for that in the Vignette toolbox.

So lets hope for a better future then Alen’s depiction of it and for a great client base for all Professional services agencies.


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    Good one Yuval !!

  2. Thanks! how have you been mate?

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