Steve the H.E.Ai.D Musical Robot

Steve the HEAiD

Steve looks like a very nice toy to run through and looks interesting enough to buy a ticket and get to the next burning man.

Steve is a large scale, interactive, collaborative installation

but what is the collaboration effort needed to make Steve work? and what value do we expect to get out of the experiment?
I am sorry to say that i see no value in the effort of making this funny looking exhibition. there will be probably a great fun involved in making it play good and there will be interesting pieces to be played, but beyond that fact Steve could be in a museum and not in burning man, what social value does it hold/represent?
it seems like the builders taken the wrong approach to it

these collaborations become their own persistent meta-beings, meta-beings comprised of both biological and technological parts.

Sorry guys but running naked, and probably high, through a robot that makes sound, and may be lights, based on my position is not the evolution outside of biological boundaries, but the celebration of them, with the laser sensors pointing at my physical boundaries.

May be we can make Steve create content in a content system based on peoples motions and movement generating a website out of those motions. wait that is exactly what i am doing now. using motions to put words into the machine. so we are extending our biological boundaries as we communicate over the internet. and we collaborate in many social networks that usually enhance our individuality and combines us in the social fabric of the world as nodes.

There is no novelty in Steve and he is not to my opinion extends the experience of the social creation beyond its current boundaries.

I would envisioned a much more interesting learning and implementing machine, that begins with interaction with the humans and then continues the cycle quoting humans and extending their impressions, making their interaction with the machine a part of the machines memory and make the machine create its own memories.

The most appropriate project that was done by ubergeek is the Disruption Array and it was situated in a museum which is in my opinion the place to put Steve in.

It appears that i am not going to buy a ticket to this years burning man so i will not meet Steve and get disappointed.

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