Static Web page delivery

Web SIte Architecture

We are so immersed with content management systems that we have forgot the simple static HTML pages power.
The static pages have the ability to save us CPU cycles and cost of hardware and even energy.
We all know their downturn that it takes expertise to fabricate them.
But is it that difficult?
Some of the current CMS systems sallow you to generate static files out of your templates and serve them on a web server and not the applications server to save on CPU cycles.
Vignette my employer have a product called HPD that auto generates sections of the template as HTML and serves those instead of the content regions been dynamically generated. The HPD also regenerates those sections if the content has changed.
We have content sections in website that change so infrequently that serving them from the application server is a crime, i will name a few:

  • About us
  • Meet the team
  • location/contact details
  • etc…

These are wonderful candidates of joining the 404 and becoming a static page on the web server.
The simplest solution to achieve that is to go to the page and save it as it is generated from your content management system.
Then put the page on the web server file system and configure the web server to get this page instead of the one from the Content Management system when the URL matches.
This is probably true to non php systems and more to java .net CMS.
In php you need to configure the same server to serve an HTML file and not your php code.
i took on a few assumptions that you have all your static assets (images, javascript, css etc) served from the web server and not your content management, if you are using the content management to serve those you need to first solve that problem and not the static content.