Phoenix BIOS the new Operating System

Phoenix the BIOS manufacturers have devised a new replacement to the Operating System, their main claim is that the OS is becoming sluggish and slow with time and when i just want to surf the net and check emails i dont need the whole windows to load. sounds reasonable and quite appealing.
The name of the technology is HyperSpeace, and they claim its very promising and interesting.
I can see the potential of opening the computer that quick and doing whatever i need but i can also see the pitfalls of such a technology.
We might believe that the ability to start the computer like that is better but the problem we face is that the OS we are working on is not our normal one but a BIOS installed one, this creates 2 OS on the system with 2 different profiles requiring now some synchronization. since many put important folders on the desktop of windows, or links to folder structures on other locations, to shorten the time to get to important information when we have 2 OS its almost like having 2 computers. we need to sync the links/bookmarks/accounts to the one that is not synchronized.
So unless phoenix will tackle this problem i see it in limited use, mainly in the relm of open go to gmail check messages and close.
Experts will claim that they have everything as SaaS and need nothing more then what is been given to them by the Phoenix OS, but how many people like that do you know that are not IT professionals.
So the appeal is mainly in the IT industry.
I am predicting this technology will not last long and will be adopted in the IT community for a short while until we all move to MAC/Linux and use sleep instead of shutdown.

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