Over commercialism the reason

I bumped into this YouTube movie by accident.
That is backed up by this website.

It seems very high level but depicts the economic situation we are in in a very fun and easy to comprehend.
If i was the creator i would have taken a few more minutes to explain the Green/Cyclic methods that are available and not just toss the names in the air as they do.
But what really got me in this movie was that all the American way is the outcome of a design made by Victor LeBow and not “Natural Market” conditions as i always thought. it makes me ponder if the American way is not the wrong way to manage an economy.
So i set to find the document and read it to see what are the … hiding.
i found the Article from 1955 lying around the web.
As i thought the article has a lot more then the quote used in the movie:
Victor LeBow Quote

Victor seems to put a lot of emphases in the article about the power of the new medium called television and the consumer behavior.

This factor of symbol and significance has become partly obscured with the advent of television. Here we have a new and most powerful medium of communication. It creates a new set of conditions, impelling toward a monopoly of the consumeré─˘s attention. For the first time, almost the entire American consuming public has become a captive audience.

What Television Sells?
Television actually sells the generalized idea of consumption. It promotes the goal of higher living standards. But the commercials are an intrusion. This captive audience, spending several hours a day viewing television, is faced at best with the necessity of rejecting all but one of the automobiles that come into its living room, all but one or two of the breakfast cereals, all but one of the coffees, the wrist watches, the cigarettes.

And it seems to me that the way the movie depicts the world is, again, an American way and angel, making it look like a big conspiracy theory to simplify the problem.
No one read Victor’s article, in the government in the 1950’s, and pondered how to implement this as a global scheme.
It sounds more like “our addiction to the television has taken its toll” story, that is part of the American history.
I am not undermining the movie and its message in any way and want to emphasize it, but the cause to this should be the right one and not a fake Americanized truth.

More intriguing is the fact that Brand loyalty is also a big part of the article pointing to the future of brand positioning techniques,

the consumeré─˘s highest loyalty is actually towards his standard of living, toward the goals, aspirations, and wants which comprise the reason for his existence.

making us today associate the brand with our goals and aspirations rather then the functionality.

Reading the article makes you feel that we are not that different from the people in the 1950’s and have not changed much.

The real goals are to look better, live better, dress better, travel better.

In my opinion Victor LeBow only predicted the future in some aspect seen the way people react to the new media of television and the consumers actions of the 1950’s. this led him to a very accurate prediction of the future but not more then that.

Coming across this Review by victor lebow of Robert Heilbroner book, Business Civilization in
it seems that the prediction of the Sky is falling was made more then once and that the end of the capitalist era was just around the corner in 1976 too.
I wonder why are we still using the same obsolete methods as a society and not act to change it?
I hope that this movie although been Americanized and a bit distorted will make its impact and push us as a society to better manage our global resources.

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