Open text to Acquire Vignette

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So the news are out and the purchase is going to the “SEC”‘s approval.
But what future does this purchase going to shed on the “Big Purple V”?
Well i have to say i truly don’t know and no one surrounding me has any ideas.
Tossing the thought in the air i would have gone the road of keeping the big V and just navigating the boat.
It seems that the hints in the press release from yesterday state some thing similar

to which Vignette will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Open Text.

For the question of the future and what it holds i hope that Stephen Powers article on ZDNet is depicting the future.
There is a bit of a ponder about the RedDot+VCM under one roof but in the short term i see no changes to happen.

Jon has been really panicking about the acquisition and seems to have some gloomy view of the future of the “Big V”, i am quite sure that the future will be brighter then that may be even brighter then the current one.
As for which product will survive and which will not the problem here is the long and short term. In the short term you will probably see all the products and in the long term when the absorption is done i hope the “Best breed” approach will be taken and we will see a coherent line of products.
But may be as with other Open Text Acquisitions vignette will stay a separate entity under the wings of Open Text and no changes will be made.

Enough with speculations, lets wait to a more formal decelerations regarding this.

There is one thing funny happened in this purchase. Vignette and its products are getting a pat on the back which they usually don’t get. words like advanced,superior and successful assigned to the VCM and portal really good. Love to hear that sound!


  1. Hey, thank you for the nice comment about BeeBole.

    The Beta is coming closer and I hope you won’t be disappointed. Honestly, I have never liked our techno choice so much since I’ve see it running beautifully.

  2. Your wellcome.
    You just posed the message on the wrong post.
    I am pretty sure you meant to post on this one about erlang.
    Any way good luck and hopefully i will be there so see you succeed.

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