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Its an interesting world when i am just wondering over the web and stumbling uppon some thing that was interesting to all of us, following up on Jon’s post Which Comes First the crew or the CMS.
The underlying problem there was that we lack a pure methodology that dictate the process of Knowledge management.
This was the state until i stumbled upon Mike! well to be exact MIKE 2.0.
Well mike is an open source EKM (Enterprise Knowledge Management) established by BearingPoint.
Mike is yet to be fully understood by me and will take me some time to figure it out.
It seems that it is inspired by Wikipedias information collection process.
The most relevant piece of work relating to our pondering is the 5 Phase method that specifies the difference between the Blueprint and RoadMap derived from it.
The most important part of the blueprint to our discussion is Phase 2 “Technology Assesment” Running right after the “Business Assesment” but before the content development. This sounds to me like a solution for the question of what comes first. i have yet to find the reasoning behind the decision and am still looking around for it.
In a deeper look there is another term in the technology which is the Technology Backplane, referring to an architecture that is technology independent and thus can take information from both new and legacy environment.

The Technology Backplane Architecture reduces the risk of technology obsolescence. Application suites become plug and play with respect to the infrastructure.

Using the Technology Backplane Architecture, new and old environments can co-exist, helping to more effectively support mergers, acquisitions, B2B and as well at IT transformations.

But what all of that implicate on our question? do we select the technology and then the crew, or the other way around?
Simply put the documentation currently does not reffer to the process as part of the whole business process so the technology selection depicted is not designated as before or after agency selection. it seems that if the agency is working to make the IA and EKM they are probably involved in the selection of the content management vendor.
But then again they might not be part of the implementation and thus have nothing to do with it.


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