Microsoft Songsmith the new Mix


OMG? is that a decent reaction?
Apparently we are bound to hear more musical atrocities like this one for sure.

The source of this atrocity is Microsoft and their lovely research labs. this recent creation called SongSmith is one to be blamed for the next wave of annoying videos polluting your email.
One thing that i can say about the video is that it emphasizes the vocal abilities of Dave Bickler.
I wonder if wikipedia will update the parody list to include this one?
The commercial of this alleged product is very annoying but it does get the point through in 4 minutes and a tad. the problems depicted in videogum are obviously ruining the product.

But with all the bad reviews that are over the internet i believe this product will be successful and i quote Ruth Brown’s post

These days, the Internet has developed into a cruel and ruthless beast. Like a world-wide school yard, Internet users will latch on to a joke, failure or weakness, and tease, ridicule and beat it well and truly into submission.

This is so true that the internet will pound this software till every body knows about it and probably tests it.
I know the application sucks with the sound quality and makes you sound funny especially when you are de-tuned but that is all the fun isn’t it?
The rest of Ruth’s post looks like it agrees with my theory and sees the meme’s that are growing out of it. like making a song from a familiar song as we seen above.
but in any case i have to say “Microsoft you are lame and geeky! use the force!”
One thing Ruth though misses, in the internet there are no wrong reasons! its making Microsoft look like Microsoft.

Its a double-edged sword for Microsoft on the one hand, the product is getting loads of attention; on the other, its not really for the right reasons.

The alternative product that comes to mind is the Garrage Band from Apple and a quick look gives the impression that Microsoft were aiming for some of its functionality.
But were they really? i believe not. that is a totally different application that bare only resemblance because of its field.
So will you be using SongSmith to make your bands music?

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