Halas Radio Information architecture review


Information architecture and the way radio websites are built.
Taking a look at the Radio of Collage of digital arts in Holon called halas.

My first impressions were that the site is not just minimalist in form but very functional. first when you go to a radio station you want to hear that station right. so the radio starts streaming straight away. that is a goof Information Architecture choice you get what you want.

The screen is split not evenly attracting you but at the same time annoyed me until i picked up why it was split, a click on the Info button opens the player up displaying a very informative text on the show.
Apparently the right side is station information and the left side is current broadcast, a thing that you don’t get quick enough but a minimalist design requires intrigue.
The symbols are almost coherent and release you from thinking to some extent. They are obviously using common icons to make it identifiable.
Button labels are popping on the top bar buttons but not on the lower part so there is some missing coherency? or may be a design bug?
I dont think it was not planned. this site was very very planned and thought of, the minimize X button implies that there was a real thought of thoroughly and was designed thoroughly.
The Splitting line apparently is the show timer stating the position i am in and the total time of the show.
The creators of the site boast with not so great site signature of annoying wastage of real estate.
But back to the radio, as oppose to the creators site, is spreading on your site correctly and gives you the information you want when you want it. the information appears in the center of the player and spreads the radio player on your screen to put the information in a table or iconized layout that is true to the information it represent.
In the overall i really think that the site is much more condensed accurate available and the Information Architecture is well thought of.
Its unfortunate that the creators site is not as good.

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