Slow Revolutions


The worlds changes very slowly.
We want it to change fast. we love fast changes that we can see the end of the tunnel. but that is not how changes in the world take place. the tunnels are long and usually dark.
In this ever changing world when we look at the old revolutions and at the new ones i find myself looking at the results of the revolutions. did Cuba before Fidel or after Fidel became a totally different place? how different is the USA from England after the Boston tea party?
My thought is that the right answer to these questions is “Not much”.
But we love our swift changes/revolutions and when we control them they are quick, look at iPod and Sony Walkman. look at the DVD look at the internet. wait the last one was not that quick. it took more then a decade to get the internet at our doorstep and almost 2 decades to make it useful.
look at the changes we are having now in the world. the US is been stripped out of its assets by letting the air go out of its economy.
Can it be that the US is crashing down and will be debunked out of its world domination? will it cease to be the dream of little kids in south Africa while pointing a gun at the white man?
What will happen to Coke? probably nothing.
There seem to be a change going in the world and we don’t know where it is going to end the tunnel is very dark at the moment and we imagine too many lights.
My small pathetic thoughts are that we are seeing a big change that will make our world different.
It seems that this change is one of the slow significant changes and not the short insignificant changes.
It will take years to get out of the recession and more to get the economy back on its feet. by the time this happens America will no longer be living in the happy over credited country they used to and it will resemble more EU then US we know.
It will be a change that boils you without noticing. you will be wrapped in water and at the end of the process get out of the steam sauna.
But who is going to be the next leader of the world with most abilities and resources to govern the idioticies people do?
This is quite intriguing but i am unable to put a name to this. it feels like a dog race where the leading dog just started limping. it could be stopping any minute and it could cost him the race.

Another interesting thing i have noticed is that the push to save the car industry is quite complex. if the US saves the car industry it affects places like Canada, Mexico, brazil africa taiwan and others where the parts are manufactured and shipped to the world. So sort of speak the Car will save the world and not just US economy.
Am i right?


  1. Ziv F says:

    The US is still the best, most balanced ocuntry in the world, which ideals are still to help some poor people, and send forces to hlp in crisis areas – not ALL of them – but much more than old,tired,comfortably numb Europe.

    If USA will “crash”, dark forces from around the world will rise, in measures that even scary movies cant describe, but for real.

    All should hope that the USA keeps it’s force.

  2. Its true that the islamization of Europe is preventing it from becoming more militant in the arab world.
    The US is quite proliferate in private aid groups but as a country is more militant then aiding.
    There are too many poor people in the world and the wealth (money) needs to spread a bit better. the only issue with that is that the 3rd world countries don’t see this that way and their leaders are aggressive power thriving persona’s that stop the money from reaching their people in order to control them with fear and power.
    So unless you get rid of greed in the human genome you are stuck in a deadlock that rich should be kept in the hands of more rational and civilized leaders.
    As for the dark forces. this is just perception since whats good for you at the moment is bad for the other and when the wheel turns whats bad for you is good for the other. in lame man terms.

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