So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Ominous Clouds thank you. you have made my choice as easy as waking up in the morning.
Since changed their business model to a subscription model i have been prompted by their client to pay or i will be waiting for music streaming.
Well enough is enough! I have just deleted the account and removed your software to stop you from abusing me.
Fist takes some bandwidth and download my songs while i am listening and now after several years (3 as a matter of fact) you ask me for subscription fee to keep using your service?
Have you lost your mind some where?
Isnt scrobbing prevents you from
I have deleted my account and uninstalled the service so you can’t Scrobb me off my files any more.
I am not paying a company that took my resources and copyrighted content 3$ a month to continue.
So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Ominous Clouds over the free services?

Now i hope this is not a start of a new trend where companies who relied on advertising now slowly realize that the money is gone and they need some alternate income so they turn to the registered users and ask for subscription fees.
If that is so we are about to see a new change in our usage of once free services.
If yahoo decides to block flickr for subscription or facebook creates a pro services bundle and limits the regular users that will decrease usage and will prevent many from using their services especially in an economic environment like this.
But i think it will take a long time for a percolation through the whole industry of web applications and it might never happen to some of the big ones.
p.s. Will this be the end of the overrated hype Cloud Computing?


  1. Gal Sivan says:

    an ad-based model, but how do you get to the point that Siegler is describing, citing Pandora as an example, of being a service with an already huge user base, that can start employing the freemium model? Moreover, as Yuval Ararat mentions in hisblog, he quit when they started demanding subscription money from him. Same thing happened to me with BSPlayer, when they started making their software shareware. Evidently this model does not always work, and even when you have a big user base it