Cloud Computing is Buzz

Cloud Computing

Oh i had enough! (read it gordon “F%$#ing” ramzy way)
Cloud here and cloud there. the only cloud i see are like the one that poured its water on me this morning.
There is quite a big buzz going around the industry from Oracles purchase of sun.
I say that the buzz is deafening and that Oracle siezed an opportunity to buy Sun cheap to fight IBM rather to get Cloud computing scene passes.

What is cloud computing any how?
The definition is too bloody wide for me to even get through. i’d say that every web application i ever used fit the term. if you are unaware the term “cloud computing” refers to computing and data storage resources delivered over the Internet rather than from users’ own computers.
We have the major ones that Jon ranted on in his blog and the smaller companies like Aviary creators of Raven the SVG editor but also website creators we see in Geocities.

But that is not cloud computing for me. this is the web the master cloud the big kahuna!
Cloud Computing is more Amazons Elastics or Enomaly from Reuven Cohen. the ability to stretch your application infrastructure according to the needs and pay as you use.
So i find the term Cloud Computing more like the Elastic Computational Platforms and not the hype it is getting now which is totally out of the focus of the actual term.
We should instatiate a term that will be techi jargon.
Elastic Cloud computing is my suggestion, what is yours?