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My friend Jon has posted a post “When CMS Licensing Shafts Architecture” and in it he describes the problematic structure each vendor takes to the licensing dilemma.
From the perspective of the implementer if i will be a vendor persuing a license cost per processing core then the amount of servers and the layout of components is limited but the ability to host multiple domains is not harmed.
On the other hand if the licensing is per domain then the architecture of components is much more flexible but the domain strategy becomes more complex.
So what is the best way to charge for licensing?
Is there a perfect way?
There probably is a way, for discussion purpose, to be flexible and adopt to the architecture. that is, no doubt, the best licensing deal you can get for the requirements. but doesn’t it open a hatch? how can you quantify the amount of CPU’s on a domain licencing without hampering the sales of one structure to the other?
there are probably many issues with this given flexibility from a single vendor.
Jon i think that the way to address you wishes from the end of the post,

I wish I could end this post with a suggestion for the perfect licensing model for the vendors, but sadly I have no answers. The vendors are all well aware of the short-comings of the existing models and people a whole lot wiser than me have been trying to find logical and fair ways to repair these. If any major vendor does think their price list avoids all these issues, Id love to see it.

is to take it as one of the challenges in the project and put the licensing model as part of the assessment of the vendors product, incorporate the licensing information to the selection process as part of the decision tree to whether we select vendor A over vendor B.
I think that from the vendors perspective it will be hard, not impossible, to quantify a number to compensate on a domain license when you come from a per core environment and from the CMS user scheme to core based licensing.

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