Windows 7 Beta Review

Sorry Microsoft. I am not buying it.
After installing the Windows 7 Beta from Microsoft i am not surprised that it is a Vista upgrade.
My initial thought was “This is Vista SP3 isn’t it?” and i have to say that nothing was new but a few minor changes in the user interface.
If you look at the Whats new from Microsoft you will instantly can see that the upgrade is not a revolutionary new innovative system but an upgrade to the UI of the Vista.
So why not call it an upgrade pack and make it available for a fee?
That is partially a problem with the EULA and partially a marketing scheme from Microsoft leading you to believe that the OS is new.
No this is a very nice upgrade to the Windows Vista OS and as such solves some major issues in the OS.
Now the IE 8 was one of the crown jewels of the new OS is not really that innovative.
When you put it in perspective to Firefox its lacking and i will give you an example, the ability to save your current open sessions/tabs is missing.
The simple install is about 7 Gb for the ultimate version.
I have not tested the new network possibilities and i have no idea if that is a good one or not.

As for buying it or not… well i have not bought the Vista OS since it was very lousy, so as the SP3 for the Vista is Windows 7 i am thinking about moving to that version.
But since it is all in the pricing lets see what the price will be.

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