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What makes the memory remembering when we listen to old music? i am currently listening to an old to the Singers and Songwriters and whenever i hear a song that i know it comes with pictures from the past.
I wonder what is triggering that? and worse then that i wonder how much of that is programmable by all kinds of media blasts?

Well some of the songs do remind me of some innocent times and fun times.

But why when relinquishing in the past we tend to be melancholic?
Its not like the current times are less of fun. and it is not that what we have now is not as fun.
The main difference between our times and the next are information technologies and the spread of information over the world.
We KNOW more. if that is better or worse time will tell. my gut feeling that its case sensitive. some cases we are better with info and some we are better off without. ignorance is bliss on some occasions.

So do flashes from the past due to some sensation can be trusted as resources of information or some sort of feeling that is associated to the event? what do we really register? there is no singularity in these researches so we are to wait a little.

I believe that my kids will have a better registry of all their past due to the shier amount of media we create with them starring at it.
My boy can only look at some of his videos and see what he did when he was a kid no need to hear stories from mom. and when he will grow he will probably take his own videos. is that better then memories of tall grass behind the house or the mattress i burned? neahhh memory is much more clever and can make bad things seem so much fun.
In all youtube you cant find movies like the one in your head. and yeah reality is way nastier then we want to believe.
So keep your memories in tact and have fun listening to music. just make sure you change it often and re-listen to the old junk you did when you were a teenager.

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