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Does any of you own an online store? do you want to have a better semantic way to list your products?
So there is a need for a new Microformat.
I suggest to establish the hStore a new Microformat for an online store that will create a more semantic way to put the data in the store pages.
so what type of entities do we have in a store?
the lowest one is a Product. There is a brand, price, catalog number and specification to each product. The specifications can be arbitrary and are not standardized.
the Product is associated to Categories.
The categories can be associated into other categories so we can reach cascading categories.
what i am suggesting is something like this
hShop Microformat
I think that this way of setting up content will enable bots to get the information off e-shops and will make the likes of and fetch data easily out of the web.
This might enable shops to make descriptive RSS feeds that enable consumers to register to a category of a store and receive all the products of that category in a fairly ordered way.
Now i am going to post this to the review of the Microformat org.


  1. Nice idea, you were a bit late, but I still think it’s a good idea.

    I thought of a microformat for how to guides.
    It’ll include the products it’s talking about & the steps basically making how to guides more constructed.

    Bye 🙂

  2. Its quite late that you are responding to this. have you checked the hDirectory?
    Why not put it on the Wiki and let me know i will help you out.


  1. […] I just had the same idea yesterday, yes i know it was too late.. Take a look at the hStore i started pondering in my blog. […]

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