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I have a new idea for a microformat that i haven’t found any matching format like.
Its for directory listing and may be can be extended to any listing.
Usually a listing is a simple thing like Google Directory listing:
Google Directory Listing HTML
Or the more Div based one in Blogarama.com
Blogarama Directory Listing HTML
looking at both of these examples i see a need to embark on a standard for a directory listing. this should be based on the hList to create the hDirectory.
So what should be in the hDirectory as a must? things that are optional in the hList… interesting.
# listing action. Should be a Directory tag.
# description. required. text with optional valid XHTML markup.
# item tags. required. keywords or phrases describing the item being offered, using rel-tag
# permalink. required.

things that are an optional but could be very important:
# version. optional. text.
# lister. required. hCard | (fn || email || url || tel).
# dtlisted. optional. ISO8601 absolute date time.
# dtexpired. optional. ISO8601 absolute date time.
# parent-directory. can be usefull and can rely on the rel-directory microformat.

So taking the idea to creation it should look like this



  1. […] be adding the details soon currentlly its on my website as a post. hDirectory Microformat Idea Retrieved from “http://microformats.org/wiki/hDirectory” hDirectory was last modified: […]

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