Forwarding messages from outlook to gmail

I have been asked to help some one to forward all his mail messages from Outlook exchange account to his Gmail folder.
So to achieve that you need to open your outlook.
Go to Tools->Rules and Alerts…
Rules and Alerts
Then you need to create a new rule. in the window that popped up you click on the new rule button.
create a new rule
Then you get the rule window with templates in it.
Click on next and you get the default rule that you are about to customize.
Change the marked item in the list of “Step 1:” to “through the specified account”
through the specified account
Click on the first link in the “Step 2:” box.

Select the account you want to forward
Select the account
Click on OK.
Then click on next and change the selection to “forward it to people or distribution list”

Go to “Step 2:” and click on the second link
In the window that opens type the email account you want to forward it to
email account
Now click on OK and Finish.
That is it. test the forward with an email self addressed.


  1. hate_outlook says:

    I’m trying to forward my e-mails to my personal account following this guide.

    I can see in the Sent Items folder that each incoming message is being forwarded. But in my other e-mails’ inboxes I cannot see it (not in spam either).

  2. Do you have the ability to tell if they went off the exchange?
    It might be that the exchange did not send them out.
    Check also spelling of the email you send it to.

    I have seen email’s not going out of the exchange or errors of emails that never gone through come back 3-4 days later.

    Good luck

  3. This worked for me when I tested, thanks, I’ve been wanting my company email on the go!

  4. I can see in the Sent Items folder that each incoming message is being forwarded. But in my other e-mails inboxes I cannot see it (not in spam either).

  5. Are they been forwarded to the emails in the same server? have you waited long enough?
    Can you verify that the emails are correctly spelled?
    Have you gotten any response emails with errors?

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  7. I followed your steps and every time an email comes to outlook it is displaying forwarded message but nothing comes in gmail.
    I have waited long enough.
    I spelled my gmail account correctly.
    I haven’t gotten any error responses.
    And what do you mean “Are they been forwarded to the emails in the same server? ”
    I have my company email account and i want to check it from my gmail account. Shall i change something from gmail account settings???

  8. I followed you steps, when exchanging emails from outlook a message is being displayed, sth like message forwarded but nothing is displayed in my gmail account. I spelled it correctly. Waited enouth. No error responses. I’m not understading emails in the same server?? I want my company email messages (custom email address) forwarded to my gmail. Should i configure something from gmail??

  9. Can you elaborate on the message form outlook? do you see any errors in your send & recieve log?

  10. blera says:

    Everything is ok!
    In every e-mail received in outlook, a message is displayed above the From part saying ‘This message was AutoForwarded’ but still nothing recieved in my gmail inbox.Any clues?

  11. Can you try to forward manually a message to the same gmail account?
    could you also check the gmail trash?

  12. blera says:

    Yes I can forward a email manually in my gmail account and there is nothing in my gmail trash. I think there is anything missing in the configuration something you consider checked but isn’t.. I don’t really know why isn’t working for me???

  13. I am having the same issue as ‘blera’. I can forward my email, its not in trash, I’ve definitely waited. Outlook appears to have forwarded them, but nothing shows up in gmail. HELP!

  14. I have the same problem. I can manually forward email from outlook to gmail, but can’t automatically forward email. Do you have solution yet? Thank you.

  15. Brenda says:

    same problem. Outlook says everythign went through it is even in the sent files btu nothing pops up in the other account i forwarded it to….

  16. I followed the steps to forward the outlook to my gmail and everything works great. However, I am not getting my emails to my phone unless I hit the send and receive button. Is there a way for outlook to to this automatically every ten minutes?

  17. Hi Mike,
    I will need a bit more information from you to try and help you out.
    What phone are you using and what is the way you configured it to get the email from?
    Where do you press the send and receive? phone or outlook.
    Outlook can be configured to sync with the server periodically.

    From the Outlook menu select:
    Tools->Send/Receive->Send/Receive Settings->Define Send/Receive Groups

    Highlight the All Accounts group.
    Make sure “Schedule an automatic send/receive every minutes.” is checked under Setting for group “All Accounts”.
    Enter the desired interval for automatic mail retrieval.
    Click Close.
    Hope this helps

  18. Sorry for the missing details, but you didn’t need them. You are good.
    Thank you Y.

  19. Jamey says:

    I’m having the same problem as blera, aysha, xdy, and Brenda. Obviously this is an issue with something somewhere!

  20. Hey

    thansk a lot for putting it so simple…….Really u made it so easy.


  21. Your very welcome, and thanks for taking the time to comment.

  22. I am having the same issue. It is sent from outlook like the rule states but does not show up in my gmail account. If i send one email personally without using the rule it goes through still.

    Please advise.

  23. Are you using exchange?

  24. Russell Pape says:

    I tried your steps for fowarding email from Outlook to Gmail but when I click on “tools” there is no “rules and alerts” shown!

  25. Russell Pape says:

    I use Outlook Express 6.

  26. Barbara B says:

    Hi Yuval,
    It appears that our administrator has deleted the option to forward anything. Do you know of any work-arounds?
    Also, how does one have the emails go to an iPhone as well?


  27. as per above information not run this rules and not receiving mail to gmail because i am using exchange sever i need to forward mail Microsoft outlook client end … kindly update other method if this method is running so update the step again and before check…….

  28. bencaradoc says:

    I am using the latest version of Microsoft Outlook (not Exchange). My Gmail is not receiving the emails being forwarded from my Outlook. They are not in the Trash and when I send an email manually to my Gmail from Outlook it works okay. Can you please help. Thanks.

  29. why does it take lik forever to forward the email from my outlook email to my gmail?

  30. Most likely network, could also be the load on your server.

  31. John Shari says:

    I set up this rule but it will only forward the emails when I’m actively logged into Outlook. Is there a way to have the emails forwarding to gmail even when I don’t have Outlook running?

  32. hi –
    i get a message saying this is a “client-only” rule – and like john shari – only forwards when i have turned outlook on.
    is there a way around this? or has my administrator disabled this option!

  33. Oto Ka says:

    having same problem as all of you.

    MS outlook CAN NOT Forward messages automatically, despite that it is shown in Sent items.

    only suggestions i Have is that administrator has disabled that feature.

  34. Big0Zel says:

    There is no way to forward the email without Outlook being open, this is a client-side rule. There is an administrative option to disable all client fowarding, but they would have to edit GPo\WRM.


  35. Worked great for me, but some further information would be nice. Such as:

    Every email I receive in Outlook is forwarded, but I can see all the forwarded messages in my Sent items folder, which I do not want. It litters up the folder and uses additional space allotted to me in my corporate email account. I have been deleting these messages manually, but I would like to setup an additional rule to automatically delete the sent item after it is forwarded to my gmail (not delete the original message, just the forwarded sent item). I have not been able to figure out how to write this rule. Any thoughts? Send me an email if you get a chance.

    Second, is setting up a filter in gmail to keep my work email messages separate. I created a new label for work email, and setup a filter to apply this label to all appropriate messages forwarded from Outlook, but the emails were also showing up in my gmail Inbox, which I do not want. I only want them to show up under the Work Email label and not in my regular inbox. I had trouble getting this to work, but I found that checking the box marked “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)” in the actions for the rule did the trick. So, all my work emails show up under a separate label without cluttering up my personal inbox. I think a little information about this in the article will help anyone trying to set this up.

    Just some thoughts for you to improve the walk through if you’re interested.

  36. Neeraj choudhary says:

    wonderful work. this article great help me


  37. M.Monteith says:

    Thank you very much, this has worked brilliantly as I can now ready my emails on my iphone.

    Many thanks,


  38. Nasir says:

    Does this work once Outlook is closed?

  39. Erika says:

    Thanks so much for this! It worked perfectly.

  40. martyn says:

    Hi all im having the same problem as most the only way I could get around it was turning om out of office and create rules from there.

  41. riduan says:

    I tried to use when my outlook is closed…its totally not work

  42. jenya says:

    Thanks so much for this! I never would have figured it out otherwise!

  43. I too see items “Sent” or Forwarded through my “Sent box” – but no email is received in Gmail or Hotmail. I tried both.

    Then I forwarded an existing message manually to both hotmail and gmail account .. and those went through.
    So there is definitely an issue with outlook 10 auto forwarding.

    BTW, I’m using Windows 7
    Outlook 10


  44. Derek says:

    Thank you for this tutorial… I set up my e-mail forwarding on Monday and tested it…worked fine and was getting e-mails from my co-workers all day. My days off are Turesday and Wednesday, and during that time I got no e-mails forwarded to my Gmail, which I thought was a bit strange…but I’m new here so I thought it to be completely possible. Come into work today and open my Outlook, and what do I see but 8 e-mails in my inbox, which then are promptly sent to my Gmail all at the same time.

    Any ideas?

  45. Brian McNamara says:

    Looking for some help…..
    At work we use Microsoft Outlook for our email, it is set up to forward all incoming mail to my phone (this works fine). The issue is that just recently i have not been able to see any of the emails on the Microsoft Outlook but they still get sent to my phone.

  46. kapil says:

    Guys ,
    This forwarding Rule will not work if your Exchange Admin had blocked forwarding at server level. And most Exchange Organization will/should do this as part of Privacy.

    So you need a script to achieve this and that too will only work as long ur PC is connected to the network and Outlook running.

  47. Bharat says:

    Thank you so much.

  48. sherif says:

    I have forwarded my company mails and its working.. but one think i am getting TO receipt and CC receipt as well.
    which is very long. in TO address i will have more than 100 contact.
    how can i ignore TO and CC from the autoforward rule.

  49. Thank you so much for this information! You have saved me a huge headache with this!

  50. Michelle says:

    Thanks so much for this! I am going on vacation but needed to be able to access my work emails from my laptop. This worked like a charm! Mwah!

  51. Thanks so much for the detailed instructions! I am trying to set up my mom’s new smartphone and was having some trouble with this bit, so this post is awesome. One thing I noticed as I was finishing up (and maybe this isn’t going to be an issue for anyone else): you forgot to note that before you can finish, you need to assign a destination for the emails to go to in Outlook after forwarding to gmail or wherever. It’s the last field in the “step 2” box. I was promted to assign a destination to this field when I clicked “finish”, so I just clicked on the field, selected “Inbox”, and I’m in good shape. Thanks again!

  52. hey ,
    Thanks alot , finally i am able to do, its very simple , u rocks , keka

  53. Thanks soooooooooooooooooo much

  54. Thank you so much for your help, is there a way through which it would be possible for outlook to send your e-mail messages at certain times?.. I know there is Delay option, but when it sends it at the later time you specified, the message’s send time shown remains the same (early, not the one when it was actually sent..) Is there a way to send automatic messages at a set time so that their send time corresponds to that later specified time? Thank you!

  55. ?

  56. Mark H says:

    Thanks for a well-laid-out and simple to follow guide! I found another person’s guide first and spent ten frustrating minutes trying to make that work before giving up and re-Googling and I found yours, well done 🙂

  57. sappasad79 says:


  58. Robin says:

    Thank you so much for your presentation. It’s really work I can forward all of my outlook mail to my gmail account.

  59. Marie Ann says:

    i tried every single procedure, it is sending Ok from my outlook account, but my Gmail account is not receiving anything. what went wrong, please advise.

  60. I have also tried this procedure but not receiving anything in my gmail.Please advice

  61. Sam Rae says:

    I’m having the same issue as Marie Ann & Pintu. Set up the rule as laid out and the emails are in my Outlook sent box, but nothing received in Gmail 🙁 Any suggestions?

  62. Rachelle says:

    Hi all,

    I used the above steps as well and I realize it is not working for Sam Rae, pintu, and I because it is being forwarded as “client-only.” Meaning that it only works when you have Outlook open. When Outlook is not open, it will not forward your emails to your other specified account. If we can only figure out how to not run this forwarding option as client-only…

  63. Very clear directions, and has worked perfectly. Thank you very much.

  64. I used your procedure and it doesn’t work can you please tell me why? Thanks.

  65. Mazrulla says:

    Very clear directions, and has worked perfectly. Thank you very much.

  66. Ricardo says:

    Very very clear instructions indeed and it worked just perfectly. thank you

  67. Ganesh ramalingam says:

    sir, i want to know about outlook. regarding how to configure outlook copy of mail in outlook to gmail account (forwarding option is enable). i can configured, but icon of inbox is enable as forward option please try to rectify the problem as soon as possible

  68. rajesh says:

    i wish to select particular some messages from my outlook inbox and forward to a particular gmail account . how is that possible ?

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