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Reading newsweek i see that they have an article “Facebook‚Äôs Roar Becomes a Meow” by Daniel Lyons on Facebooks problematic business module of ad space.
But this model is pretty much all they had you might say.
Well… i think not. they could have add premium services or targeted businesses and organization at special services.
They could have added applications that you need to pay for and get the developer some premium on their work.
But the deal is that Googles business model is the one they chose.
Daniels point on the disturbance the ads generate in Facebook as oppose to the help they generate when attached to a searched and are relevant to the seeker is very important and might i say crucial.
The one model they might have benefited most of is letting external applications and developers connect through an API that carries a price tag on it so applications like Flock would pay a premium.
May be if you use the login API you pay nothing but only on other API’s? That could work and will open the net for a single peoples directory, a long needed resource.
This could generate  that will benefit every user in Facebook with more quality and every developer trying to make a buck.
But the war on MySpace was too important to facebook that they forgot to believe in their application strength.
My thoughts for a better Facebook

  • Believe in your application.
  • Remove the integral ads.
  • Charge a premium for usage of applications and share it with developers.
  • give the developers the ability to choose the payment and structure of charging, they know their app best.
  • Develop more sophisticated ways to promote product, for instance get celebrities to become VIP fans of the products. Remember to coordinate the VIP user activities so they don’t slip
  • Listen!

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