Michael Arrington speaks with Peter Thiel

Just heard the conversation on Tech Crunch 50 2008 Conference the chat between Michael Arrington and Peter Theil and they were speaking about investments and the role of the CEO and especially his salary and Peter noted that from their findings a CEO that gets a salary of over 120K a year usually indicates that the company is not going to succeed. But that raised in my mind a few questions that requested some more demographic spread like:
Is the CEO with over 120K a year also over 40?
Is the CEO with over 120K a year over qualified?
Is a non successive CEO has a very big age gap from his employees in the startup?
Can it be that its simply keeping the mind on the business vs. keeping the mind on money?
I have to say that that simple statement is opening a broad field of research that needs to be undertaken.
The interesting chat was also about the angel funds and the place of the angel as a guardian with common interest but without interference.
The questions from the crowd were a bit on the Where did you put your money at then relating to some of the information Peter has reveled.
There was also a good question about the singularity institute initiative and AI investments. The Singularity Institute Initiative is grown through the Chess experience of Peter and the context of the human cognitive vs machine initiative.
I truly support Peters Initiative and think that the AI is coming and coming soon and people should take the initiative in adopting to the new world with the thinking computers.
To whom the term Singularity is unknown the singularity.org site is a good starting point.

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