Mac Migration

As i have bought my mac about 4 months ago and had to go through the adjustments to figure out OS X and the Mac experience i have gone through many pains.
I have managed to delete my entire picture folder while not knowing Finder is such a pain, i use now Terminal instead, and the replace deletes the whole folder… i had to find a way to restore all the lost 10 months (critical when you got a baby) including the thailand trip and all. my lesson from that was Don’t drag folders and Don’t use Finder
I can also remember having trouble in figuring out all the shortcuts to replace a language and to get to places like the Applications.
My solution was easy! go to the new Sydney Mac store and ask the sales guys in the first floor! they got me through the first bit which was not simple and demonstrated some nice shortcuts and a very good guide to OS X shortcuts at
Lately visiting my Facebook i found a group that worships a man with the same problems i have but he just posted them in his specialized blog he called mac migrant.
He is a youngsta with his mac and he is using the laptop version that enables right click…. but who knows what he is going to find in the mac world that might be useful.
He got my attention now.

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