WordPress.com stats

I have to complain and whine over the wordpress.com statistics service.
From some strange reason it had registered my website as localhost and was collecting data on that account. But after a few days it stopped logging. So I have started looking around and noticed the localhost. I then went on and deactivated the plugin and reactivated it.
I reconfigured my id and added my website again (because it asked not my want) and then all of the sudden I had 2 accounts one localhost with the statistics and one www.ararat.org.il.
When I came to delete the localhost account, understanding I have no choice and the weeks statistics are gone, I realized it is not possible.
This is so annoying. Why can’t I delete the old account or even the new account?
Are all my blogs doomed to exist in wordpress.com domain if i add them?
Most of sites today let you remove your registration and alter you data. Why cant wordpress.com be similar?
Is there an underling will to keep information for tracking of WordPress.com blogs?
Or just a naive misunderstanding of requirements?

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