What a mashup.

Looking through programmable-web website statistics at the evening of Web 2.0 and the dawn of Web 3.0 i can clearly see Nova Spivak’s claim that there is a need to grow the data standardization.
Just taking the top 10 mashup API’s and you can clearly see that most of them are photos, Videos, maps and Searching of all sorts.
this is kind of boring to say the least. Where are our feelings? wants? joys? friends? family? how can we join our flickr account with our youtube account with our facebook friends and our loved myspaces bands?
There is a need that can get some attention. and i believe that there is allot of attention to give to the growing needs.
Just looking at flickr mashups i wonder how many things can you do with images that will require 359 mashups? Are we really in need to see the images from arab countries? is there an exif property to supply this? how can i tell if an image is geotagged correctly? is geo tag understandable?
these questions and the usability of these implementations of mashups is really something to consider.
These entrepreneur activities need to be allot more customizable in order to be able to cater for different needs.
The next killer app is the one that will let me create local customized mashups using the available API’s for my own data consumption and let me post things into all my locations at once. tiwt to all!
Will you join me in creating it?

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