Ubuntu not wellcomed

As I was reading internetNews the other day i encountered the article on the ubuntu Oracle, SAP situation and how they are not going to support Ubuntu.
I feel sorry for Ubuntu since it’s one of the coolest efforts I have seen to bring Linux to the world.
But I have no doubt that community driven knowledge will make it possible to put Oracle on the Ubuntu OS.
Thinking on the Ubuntu OS i can see that it is more widely adopted by PHP and MySQL service providers and with the home hosters of the same.
Even i am planning to put a VM on a machine at home to host some projects i want ot write using Java and MySQL.
I see no rush to start writing your eulogies over Ubuntu, just think of it as the non enterprise alternative to the RedHat.
But as far as I can recall RedHat was not enterprise out of the box and only lately to create more money revenue the ES line was established and supported the enterprise business.
Though from my experience many enterprises I encounter dont use RedHat or Suse, they use Solaris or AIX.
So what is the end result of this article? why was it published?
I believe that the writer was trying to portray the spirit of the big players vs the small newcomer as non cooperative and destructive to the open source spirit where support is a matter of community ability and openness from the software side.

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