Reality Show? Diggnation!

This is the next thing on your TV. you want to have the show happening but you want it to give something for the time spent. Big Brother gave you entertainment for the masses and Diggnation gives you the geeky version of information exchange intertwined into a reality show.
I know i am a bit late on Diggnation show but never the less watching them made me thing that this is the missing link in the evolution of TV.
Every show producer is currently hunting for the next big thing and the crowds do too.
Think about getting your economic review in a show consisting of your favorite banker without a suite in his home drinking beer and explaining to you why does the market moves to that direction… sounds like a nice show especially when he can talk about his beer run or the last car he bought and get that into the conversation making you feel at home.
But this is already done on TV today you might say, every morning show is this… wellĶ no! This is not a stressful situation and the stress that is radiating from the hosts and guests on the morning shows is not unmissed by the viewers.
We should look at this item as a show that invites the viewers to be in a comfortable position and to relax. The way we watch reality shows and laugh at or with the characters as they are in their daily routine.
The combination of relevant information in a non stressful, we got to cover all these stories at 25 mins or less, situation will make the viewing experience different.
This format could be extended to the geeky position of laptop holding and getting from the production team live relevant guest requests and comments that can be intertwined to the show.
This is not far from morning shows as you can tell but it is very different to my opinion.
Go Diggnation!

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