Mama Mia.

You know the awful truth that comes when you see a movie based on a book and say to yourself

The book was better then the movie

I had that feeling but with a twist when i went to see Mama Mia!. I went on Monday with my spouse and her family to the Mama Mia! movie. that is after i saw the
Both me and my wife saw the Vegas show of Mama Mia! the thing is that as much as i enjoyed the Movie i could not stop thinking how lacking it is in the story telling.
There are a few characters that lose their volume in the movie and are kept only because of a song that needs them as participants.
I have to say that the feeling crawled in and i have thought to my self

The musical is better then the movie

That was soooo wired…
But that is true.
I think that in the movie there are some improvements over the show like the great dancing and the main characters that get more volume and especially the amazing performance of Meryl Streep.
Over all i think you should go and see both. they are great musicals by any standard.

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