Interactive collaboration?

VoiceThread set to create the canvas of future collaboration. But after browsing for a short while in some personal experiences, most of them are educational assignments or related to education.
In the beginning of the stroll the application seems promising. a few pictures with voice annotations and a few voice comments.
The interface is very clear and holds the navigation between speakers and items in a very elegant cube like matrix.
But the moment i hit one of the more loaded items with above 10 commenteré─˘s the interface gave in.
The amount of user icons became confusing and the flow between speakers was not expected.
Going into collaboration based on text called a forum we get to see the users interaction to the initial post in an orderly and sometimes hierarchically manner. This enables us to understand the time line and the plot… the post in VoiceThread lacks the plot we are expecting! it is not sufficient to be able to voice out people and let them respond with interactive means. The interface should be guiding and anticipated enough to put the spectator at the receiving end of the experience giving him the tools to understand the plot and participants.
The VoiceThread application is still not mature in its UI and the understanding of the story telling going on in collaborative applications that acts as the drive and motivation of users to post a post initially.
The UI is unable to sustain mass collaboration due to limitations of its display style and needs to look at the UI manufactured in apple to grasp the correct way to condense in a small space like the iPhone allot of information.


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